ChallengePoint is a ministry focused on strengthening the Christian community by providing training in leadership and teamwork. Some of the skills we teach include communication, decision making, problem solving, developing goals, building trust, and creating and nurturing relationships. All these skills and more are taught through the use of adventure-based techniques. Our ministry is designed to work with any age group from the young and energetic who have just begun to grow, to the wise and experienced who refuse to stop growing.

“You can learn more about an individual
during an hour of play
than in one year
of conversation”
- Plato


It is our belief that learning should be fun. Many times individuals do not fully grasp an idea until they have experienced it in action. It is our goal to not only give individuals a learning experience, but an adventure they will not forget. Activities begin with the “basics” and then build on each other as the group grows. The conquering of each challenge always leads to a time of processing in which the group members discuss what they did, the skills they used,improvements they can make, and how they can relate these things to their lives.

“I hear and I forget
I see and I remember
I do and I understand”
- Chinese Proverb

Whether it is one weekend, or one week, all challenges created by ChallengePoint are designed to bring a group closer together by bringing them closer to God. Our adventures are intended to stretch the mind, revive the spirit, and restore the passion within each individual. Devotionals and times of spiritual reflection take place throughout the challenges, giving our program a unique spiritual edge. The following is a general description of the types of challenges that our program has to offer. No two challenges are ever alike. We custom design each one to meet the needs of the particular group. So, if your group needs to work on some specific group dynamic issues, or if they just need a challenge to move them to the next level in their ministry, the following challenges were created for you.

Senior High Team-building Adventure

Geared towards youth groups ages 13-18, this is a spiritual eye opener that is fun and fast paced. Definitely our most popular challenge, it was designed to move teens to the next level.

College Team-building Excursion

Developed for college-age individuals, this favorite tried-and-true adventure confronts the spiritual battles faced by young adults in a manner they will not forget.

Adult Team-building Retreat

Designed for adults, 303 is ideal for those groups brought together for a specific purpose. Not only do we discuss techniques to reach your goals, we provide adventures to put them into practice - excellent for learning about the gifts and abilities God has placed within you and those around you. If you are looking for something different for your next retreat, we’ve got your challenge.

Leadership Sojourn

Leadership is influence, Nothing more, nothing less. This along with many other principles of leadership are covered as participants learn by putting them into action. Definitely not another boring seminar.

Men’s Outing

Centered on brotherhood, this bonding experience focuses on male relationships. Encouragement, trust, and accountability are but a few of the building blocks covered during this group changing adventure.

Junior High Retreat

This challenge was developed to deal with issues surrounding 6th-8th graders. Respect, communication skills, and understanding you are part of a bigger picture are a few of the elements stressed in this fun and active experience.

Family Retreat

Fathers, mothers, sisters, and brothers, this challenge focuses on the importance of relationships and through a hands on approach demonstrates how families can become stronger by working together as one.

Mission Point

Understanding the need for group cohesion when reaching out to the mission field, this challenge focuses on meeting that need. Traveling to strange lands where a new foreign culture must be adopted is difficult. If the group is unable to work together with one vision, then the mission could be cut short of its full potential. Challenge 808 is designed to unite and focus a group, so they can make the impact for which they have been called.

In order to schedule an activity with us simply contact us through e-mail at: or call us at (256) 651-5024. All we need to know is when, where, and how many participants will be involved. In order to design a program to fit the needs of your group we may ask for a brief history, including perceived strengths and weaknesses. We need at least a two-week notice to plan the activity. Your confirmation will be set upon receipt of a $100 non-refundable deposit, which will be applied to your payment.
Typically, you provide the setting, and we provide the program. We can adjust our program to work at most locations, as long as there is plenty of space such as a large field or gym. We provide all essential equipment, but we do not provide food.

Since Challenges are designed to work closely with each participant, groupsize is very important:

Teambuilding Retreat
8 - 25 participants
One-Day Workshop
8 - 25 participants
Five-Day Backpacking Trek
8 - 20 participants

At ChallengePoint our ministry comes first. We always try our best to work within your budget. For our latest pricing information, please contact us at 256-651-5024 or feel free to inquire by email.

F A Q’s

What denominational background do you teach from?
ChallengePoint does not deal with doctrinal or denominational issues. We teach basic Christian beliefs that deal with group dynamics.

Are you supported by a particular denomination?
ChallengePoint operates independently as a nonprofit organization. We do welcome the support of indivduals who believe in the vision of ChallengePoint. All gifts are tax-deductible.

What type’s of groups have you worked with in the past?
Churches, youth groups, Christian college organizations, families, Boy Scouts, Boys & Girls Clubs, inner-city groups & corporate groups.

Does ChallengePoint have its own facilities?
At present we do not, though it is one of our goals.