ChallengePoint is a Christian organization focused on developing teamwork and leadership skills within groups using a wealth of adventure-based techniques.
With a history of working among community and church groups, ChallengePoint is now branching into the corporate realm with a unique approach of teaching the basics of business. Providing seasoned facilitators to lead a cutting edge program, we hope to help your team in the following areas:

  • Increase morale at the office
  • Develop unity within your department
  • Improve communication amongst the crew
  • Build trust between co-workers
  • Hone problem solving and decision
    making abilities
  • Improve the efficiency of your company by
    sharpening teamwork skills
  • Provide an opportunity for a group to
    bond and grow

It is our belief that learning should be fun. Many times individuals do not fully grasp an idea until they have experienced it in action. It is our goal to not only give individuals a learning experience, but an adventure they will not forget.
Activities begin with the “basics” and then build on each other as the group grows. The conquering of each challenge always leads to a time of processing where the group discusses what occurred, the skills used, how improvements can be made and how this relates to life.

We offer the following workshops tailored to your setting and custom designed to fit the specific dynamics of your group:

2-3 days
Created to bring groups closer while
focusing on specific issues.

Available Monday through Friday
(5-8 hours)
Great for staff development through
the work week.


Available Monday through Friday
(45 minutes - 1 hour)
No more boring speakers at that monthly
staff meeting. Make it an enjoyable event
that produces positive results.

In order to schedule an activity with us simply contact us through e-mail at or call us at (256) 651-5024. All we need to know is when, where, and how many participants will be involved. In order to design a program to fit the needs of your group we may ask for a brief history, including perceived strengths and weaknesses. We need at least a two-week notice to plan the activity. Your confirmation will be set upon receipt of a $100 non-refundable deposit, which will be applied to your payment.
Typically, you provide the setting, and we provide the program. We can adjust our program to work at most locations, as long as there is plenty of space such as a large field or gym. We provide all essential equipment, but we do not provide food.

Since Challenges are designed to work closely with each participant, groupsize is very important:

Teambuilding Retreat
8 - 25 participants
One-Day Workshop
8 - 25 participants
Five-Day Backpacking Trek
8 - 20 participants

At ChallengePoint our ministry comes first. We always try our best to work within your budget. For our latest pricing information, please contact us at 256-651-5024 or feel free to inquire by email.