Five-Day Backpacking Trek

It has been proven time after time that a group who shares an adventure beyond the regular limits of everyday life is brought closer together by the experience. Such adventures offer challenges that strengthen the individuals and often reveal a part of themselves they never knew. These two facts form the foundational goals for the backpacking trek designed by ChallengePoint.

It takes place in Big South Fork National Park located on the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee along the Kentucky border. It is a 123,000 acre park encompassing the gorge of Big South Fork. The wilderness of the park contains a free flowing river, numerous streams, stone arches, waterfalls, rock shelters, early settlement sites and wildlife.

Our treks are typically five days. Participants will experience rugged outback camping with five-to-eight miles of hiking each day. We cover numerous terrains including two river crossings. Some nights we may camp near a bluff and others we may sleep inside a rock shelter, or in a hemlock forest along a beautiful creek.

Besides waterfalls and natural bridges, our journey also takes us past Charit Creek lodge. Built in the early 1800’s, this rustic pioneer site can only be reached by foot or hoof. It’s a step into the past and if you wish, we can enjoy a delicious homemade meal prepared in the old manner and served by candle light in the lodge’s dining room.

Also, if your group is interested, on the first day before we hit the trail, we can explore a cave that extends several miles into the limestone core of the Cumberland Plateau. We provide helmets with lights and guide you through this non-commercial cave known only by the locals.


On our treks, we provide you with all necessary equipment. This includes internal-frame backpacks, two-man tents, sleeping bags, mats, cooking equipment, water filters, and most anything else you will need on the trip. We carry a first-aid kit and at least one of your guides will be a Wilderness First Responder. The only thing you provide are your clothes and your food. Due to people’s individual tastes and the low cost for trail food, we have participants provide their own, but we will give you guidance and information to help make wise selections.

Due to environmental concerns and safety issues the largest number we can take is 20 participants. Please contact us by phone or to schedule a backpacking trek or check for availability of dates.